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Our goal for this page is to be a bulletin board for any reforestation project looking for investment. If you are have investment for reforestation projects then pleas contact us and we will send you out the latest project list.

To request for your project to be listed here please submit your project details

To register as an investor or enquire about current projects please contact us.

Date posted Project Country Region Area Jobs created Finance required
27 May 2008 Bondo community development programe Kenya Ramogi Hill, Yala swamp and Lake Victoria TBA TBA $200,000
18 Sep 2008 Wealth through Conservation Kenya Magadi 2,500 ha 35 Yr1 - $240,000
Yr2 - $260,000
Yr3 - $280,000
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Project guidelines

The following are guidelines for the projects we list on our site.

Land owners or guardians

  1. The primary objective must be to establish new forests or replant previously deforested land.
  2. The owners or guardians of the land must agree that the forests will be managed in accordance with agreed sustainable forestry practices. If you are not sure we will help you understand these practices.
  3. The owners or guardians of the land must agree a certain timeline in which trees planted will not be harvested.
  4. The project must create new jobs to plant and maintain the forest for the period of the funding which is obtained.

Providers of funds

  1. Funding should be primarily in the form of aid or grants.
  2. Donors should not expect any return on their investment, but if their local environmental taxation policies recognise carbon offsets, they can calculate the carbon offset potential of their investment and apply to their authority to recognise it.

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